• Proactive Accelerator Load balancer Security System

Proactive Accelerator Load balancer Security System

We protect and accelerate small single-page sites right up to vast, high-traffic corporate juggernauts. Using our Platform Agnostic and scalable load-balancing infrastructure, we can ensure your site stays online; serves content quicker, and benefits from better search rankings.

A global network of clustered load balancers with advanced security and CDN features ensures your site never goes offline.

Blistering speed as standard

Making sure your users get to your content as quickly as they can is at our core. Web acceleration is one of the key features of our PALSS system, and through platform agnostic load balancing and server configuration, we ensure your sites are delivered quicker than ever before.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs, before providing a completely bespoke product that is tailored exactly for your websites.

Backed By Our Worldwide CDN Network

To minimise latency, and increase throughput, we have Points of Presence (POPS) geographically disbursed across the globe to ensure your end users connect to a local POP, and are given the fastest network routes back to your servers as possible. This enables a blisteringly fast delivery of your content to your customer.

Advanced Security

With our advanced security, you can sleep well knowing we are protecting your site 24/7, 365 days a year. With multi-level DDOS protection as well WAF you can relax.

Load Balancers

We provide global load balancers to allow you to deliver your content from multiple locations, multiple servers, and multiple providers. With BagOfFrogs you aren’t restricted by your providers load balancer service.

Coupled with our cutting edge CDN, security appliance, and advanced caching engine, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Landing Page Support

Make sure your brand is always seen and contact details are always present, even if your site is offline. (Medium/Enterprise Only)

Backup Servers

We can failover to a backup server of your choice to ensure you can deliver your content even if your primary server is down. (Medium/Enterprise Only)

IPv4 / IPv6 Compatible

Our PALSS system is built to work with your servers, so while you may still use IPv4 we will present both IPv4/IPv6 to your clients. This future proofs your site.

24/7 Support

With offices around the world, we’re able to offer a real human being, whenever you need one. (Enterprise Only)