• Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Old fashioned hosting using modern technology, we use the latest high-spec servers and provide virtual private servers that are able to cope with the most demanding sites. We never over provision our servers, and ensure that there are enough overheads to handle peaks on all our infrastructure.

We are proud of our products and are not just looking to move boxes, so you know that our passion will translate into first class delivery for you and the best end-user experience, a very human experience, using the best of breed technologies.

Blistering speed as standard

Making sure your clients get to your content as quickly as they can is at our core. High-speed internal networks connected to low latency WAN links enables us to deliver your content fast, very fast.

All our internal servers are either conneced to high-speed redundant SAN servers, or local SSD storage.  We ensure that your needs are our focus, and deliver services based on your requirements.

IPv4 / IPv6 Compatible

Our PALSS system is built to work with your servers, so while you may still use IPv4, we will present both IPv4/IPv6 to your clients. This future proofs your site.

24/7 Support

With offices around the world, we’re able to offer a real human being, whenever you need one.