Professional Services

We look to build a relationship with our clients, therefore we don’t expect you to make anonymous button click configuration choices. We will walk you through every step of the process to ensure you know what is happening when, and why.

If we get it right first time, your business can flourish right from the start, therefore there are no self-setup portals, get in touch and we will be pleased to talk you through the process. On a simple setup, we can have you up and running in minutes, to more complex setups that may take several days to ensure our solution will fully cater your needs.

Once up and running, simply get in touch if you need anything tweaking and we will again run through any changes.

Customised Offerings

We have a number of pre-built sized machines, for the most part, you will find these sufficient for most requirements. However, from time to time there will be a requirement for something different.

As we pride ourselves on being a person to person business, we are happy to discuss whatever requirements you may have, and build a solution for your business.


Keep a close eye on your Droplet’s bandwidth, disk, and CPU levels, and receive alerts if your server exceeds pre-configured limits.

Clone to Redeploy Quickly

If you need an exact copy for testing purposes, or you want to implement a load balanced environment just contact us and we can talk you through your options, we can even help you implement PALSS to produce a high availability system.

Re-size as Needed

We are able to scale your server for expected traffic peaks, once passed we can either leave at a larger size or we can decrease back down, simple contact us and we can talk you through the options.

Managed Firewall

All our systems are built with the inbuilt software firewall enabled and configured for root access. You can then manage your security how you wish with all default ports (TCP 1-1024) routed to your machine, however, if you wish we can offer external firewall protection within your package, just let us know what you want to be allowed and we will implement on your behalf. This way you will always be protected via an enterprise-class firewall.

Root Access

We will provide you with root access to your new server, this means either SSH or Remote Desktop. This allows you to install and configure your applications the way you want.

We can help protect access using restrictions via our enterprise firewall or leave open for you to configure via the operating system firewall.

UK Based Hosting

With stricter requirements coming in for data protection you need to know where your data is stored and more importantly where its backed up to, our datacenter is a state of the art eco-friendly highly resilient building and is based in London.

We believe in only using the best in class and therefore have picked a datacenter based on experiences, reviews, and of course technology.

GDPR information can be found here with UK based information

Choice of OS

We have a number of pre-built images such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows etc, however, if you have a special requirement let us know and as long as the OS is supported on our virtual platform we can install for you. Even if it’s not supported we can offer alternatives.