Increased and Flexible Scalability

As PALSS was designed from the ground up to be first and foremost a Cloud based Load Balancing system we are not tied to be any provider, in fact, we span multiple providers to ensure maximum reliability and uptime. This is exactly the design we encourage where possible for you to use, multiple providers in divergent locations, this way should anything happen and you are using PALSS you’ll be failing over to your other locations before your competition are even aware they are losing business.

On the back of this, it does mean should you have a big launch coming up, or you’re are expanding your business, you can just bring online additional resources with whichever provider suites your requirements. Then simple let us know how you want them to be included and we will add them in, and away you go. No complex DNS, routing policies, VPN, or MPLS networks to setup, and no requirements to build within your current provider.

Loadbalanced Across locations, providers and servers


Single Failure, that service is just removed automatically


All of the above is fully automated, and happens without any interaction