Peak Time Traffic Management

As with everything, life is rarely straightforward, so you set your server up and tested and everything was good, but now marketing has decided that every Monday they will do they mailshot to drive new customers to your site.

Brilliant, the only small issue is when you designed your infrastructure you designed it on a level playing ground. Now marketing wants to double the traffic after each campaign. So you can add extra resources, but sadly for 95% of the year they’ll be do nothing but increase the bottom line, or you can turn to PALSS, because of the advanced caching techniques we use, we can ensure the 90% of traffic is dealt with by us, without ever needing to connect to your servers. Not only do you get all the security benefits from PALSS but out of the box we will save you bandwidth and CPU use, meaning your servers can run leaner and you can invest in failover solutions etc, instead of investing for small blips in traffic.

Now you are covered for growth, and specifically to allow campaigns to run in confidence.